NCWorks Commission Policy Statements and DWS Operational Guidance

On this page, you'll find links to specific policy directives for workforce professionals in North Carolina. We display two classes of policy documents. As of November 2020, the NCWorks Commission approves major statewide policies in accordance with the federal Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), and these are known as Commission Policy Statements. Meanwhile, the Division of Workforce Solutions (DWS) issues Operational Guidance notices, which carry the full authority of NCWorks Commission policies. Both of these types of documents can be found here using the search tools below.

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Policy Statement # or Guidance # and Title Purpose Associated Files (Click to Open) Workforce Categories
Operational Guidance | OG 25-2021 Pseudo Social Security Numbers (SSNs)

The purpose is to provide guidance that establishes the procedures regarding the use of Pseudo SSNs for performance reporting of participants enrolled in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) programs. 


OG-25-2021-Pseudo-Social-Security-Numbers-SSNs-Final.pdf Active
Operational Guidance │ OG 27-2021 Priority of Service for Adults

To provide guidance to Local Area Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) on the requirements for providing priority of service to all covered persons and identified populations.

OG-27-2021-Priority-of-Service-for-Adults.pdf Active
P List of Attachments Final 1 P.-List-of-Attachments-Final-1.pdf Active
PS 01 2020 WIOA Comprehensive Four Year Plan FINAL PS-01-2020-WIOA-Comprehensive-Four-Year-Plan_FINAL.pdf Active
PS 02 2017 Attachment 1 Dislocated Worker Scenarios 1 RESCINDED PS_02-2017_Attachment_1_Dislocated_Worker_Scenarios_1_RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 02 2017 Guidance on Dislocated Worker Program 1 Rescinded PS_02-2017_Guidance_on_Dislocated_Worker_Program_1_Rescinded.pdf Rescinded
PS 03 2017 Attachment 1TEN 15 10 RESCINDED PS-03-2017-Attachment-1TEN-15-10-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 03 2017 Attachment 2 Summary RESCINDED PS-03-2017-Attachment-2-Summary-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 03 2017 Priority of Service for Veterans RESCINDED PS_03-2017_Priority_of_Service_for_Veterans-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 03 2020 FLG Tech Device Loaner Program EXPIRED PS-03-2020-FLG-Tech-Device-Loaner-Program-EXPIRED.pdf Expired
PS 04 2015 Change 1 On the Job Training Using WIOA Funds Policy… PS_04-2015_Change_1_On-the-Job_Training_Using_WIOA_Funds_Policy_and_Forms-RESCINDED.pdf Annual Action Plan, Rescinded
PS 04 2015 Change 1 On the Job Training Using WIOA Funds… PS_04-2015_Change_1_On-the-Job_Training_Using_WIOA_Funds_Attachment_B-Rescinded.docx Annual Action Plan, Rescinded
PS 04 2015 Change 1 On the Job Training Using WIOA Funds… PS_04-2015_Change_1_On-the-Job_Training_Using_WIOA_Funds_Attachment_C-Rescinded.docx Annual Action Plan, Rescinded
PS 04 2015 Change 1 On the Job Training Using WIOA Funds… PS_04-2015_Change_1_On-the-Job_Training_Using_WIOA_Funds_Attachment_D-Rescinded.docx Annual Action Plan, Rescinded
PS 04 2015 Change 1 On the Job Training Using WIOA Funds… PS_04-2015_Change_1_On-the-Job_Training_Using_WIOA_Funds_Attachment_E-Rescinded.docx Annual Action Plan, Rescinded
PS 04 2020 Change 2 WIOA and Wagner Peyser Employment Act… PS-04-2020-Change-2-WIOA-and-Wagner-Peyser-Employment-Act-Participant-Eligibility-Reference-Guide-Attachment-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 04 2020 Change 2 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act… PS-04-2020-Change-2-Workforce-Innovation-and-Opportunity-Act-and-Wagner-Peyser-Employment-Act-Participant-Eligibility-Reference-Guide-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 04 2020 WIOA and Wagner Peyser Employment Act Participant… PS-04-2020-WIOA-and-Wagner-Peyser-Employment-Act-Participant-Eligibility-Reference-Guide-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 05 2020 NCWorks Online Service Activity Codes PS-05-2020-NCWorks-Online-Service-Activity-Codes.pdf Active
PS 06 2016 Change 1 Dislocated Worker Contingency Fund Request… PS-06-2016-Change-1-Dislocated-Worker-Contingency-Fund-Request_Application_RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded