NCWorks Commission Policy Statements and DWS Operational Guidance

On this page, you'll find links to specific policy directives for workforce professionals in North Carolina. We display two classes of policy documents. As of November 2020, the NCWorks Commission approves major statewide policies in accordance with the federal Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), and these are known as Commission Policy Statements. Meanwhile, the Division of Workforce Solutions (DWS) issues Operational Guidance notices, which carry the full authority of NCWorks Commission policies. Both of these types of documents can be found here using the search tools below.

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Policy Statement # or Guidance # and Title Purpose Associated Files (Click to Open) Workforce Categories
PS 06 2016 Change 1 Dislocated Worker Contingency Funds with… PS-06-2016-Change-1-Dislocated-Worker-Contingency-Funds-with-Application_RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 08 2020 Contingency Funds PS-08-2020-Contingency-Funds.pdf Active
PS 09 2019 Attach 1 PY2018 MOU Guide NCWorks Career Center MOU PS_09-2019_Attach_1_-_PY2018_MOU_Guide_NCWorks_Career_Center_MOU.doc Active
PS 09 2019 Attach 2 Partner Infrastructure Finding Agreement 7… PS_09-2019_Attach_2-_Partner_Infrastructure_Finding_Agreement_7-16-19.docx Active
PS 09 2019 Attach 4 MOU Designated Signatories PS_09-2019_Attach_4_-_MOU_Designated_Signatories.pdf Active
PS 09 2019 Attachment 3 CEO Signatory Page PS_09-2019_Attachment_3_-_CEO_Signatory_Page.doc Active
PS 09 2019 NCWorks Career Center MOU and Partner Infrastructure… PS_09-2019_NCWorks_Career_Center_MOU_and_Partner_Infrastructure_Funding_Agreement.pdf Active
PS 09 2019Attach2 Partner Infrastructure Finding Agreement v 2… PS_09-2019Attach2-Partner_Infrastructure_Finding_Agreement-v-2-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 09 2020 Attach 1 NCWorks Career Center MOU1 RESCINDED PS-09-2020-Attach-1-NCWorks-Career-Center-MOU1-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 09 2020 Attach 4 MOU Designated Signatories RESCINDED PS-09-2020-Attach-4-MOU-Designated-Signatories-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 09 2020 Attachment 3 Infrastructure Funding Agreement… PS-09-2020-Attachment-3-Infrastructure-Funding-Agreement-Signatory-Page-1-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 09 2020 Change 1 Attach 1 NCWorks Career Center MOU RESCINDED PS-09-2020-Change-1-Attach-1-NCWorks-Career-Center-MOU_RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 09 2020 Change 1 Attach 4 MOU Designated Signatories… PS-09-2020-Change-1-Attach-4-MOU-Designated-Signatories-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 09 2020 Change 1 Attachment 3 Infrastructure Funding… PS-09-2020-Change-1-Attachment-3-Infrastructure-Funding-Agreement-Signatory-Page-2_RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 09 2020 Change 1 MOU IFA v2 RESCINDED PS-09-2020-Change-1-MOU-IFA-v2_RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 09 2020 Change 1Attach 2 Partner Infrastructure Finding… PS_09-2020-Change-1Attach-2-Partner_Infrastructure_Finding_Agreement-v-2-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 11 2018 Attach 2 Infrastructure Agreement with IFA Signatory… PS-11-2018-Attach-2-Infrastructure-Agreement-with-IFA-Signatory-Page-RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 11 2018 Attach 3 MOU Designated Signatories RESCINDED PS-11-2018-Attach-3-MOU-Designated-Signatories_RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 11 2018 MOU IFA RESCINDED PS-11-2018-MOU-IFA_RESCINDED.pdf Rescinded
PS 14 2020 Division Dislocated Worker Scenarios Attachment PS-14-2020-Division-Dislocated-Worker-Scenarios-Attachment.pdf Active