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Our Business Search tool allows you to search for information about North Carolina companies by name, industry, region, size or keyword.

Looking for a location for your business in North Carolina? Available Sites and Location data includes both buildings and sites to accommodate your relocation or expansion.

Which companies or organizations are the top employers in the State of North Carolina?  We publish the top 300 public sector and private sector employers statewide annually and quarterly. We publish the 25 largest employers in each of the state's 100 counties. All rankings are based on average employment for the quarter. This information is generated from the Employment and Wages program files and provides company name, major industry group, and a range for the number of employees.

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Search for the business, occupational, or privilege licenses you may need to operate a business or perform work in our state with NCBOLD, a database and service of the North Carolina Department of Commerce. NCBOLD provides comprehensive listings of the licenses as well as the organizations that issue and regulate them.

Area Demographic Profiles provide a glimpse into the business environment and quality of life across a variety of North Carolina geographies. Topics include demographics, education, housing, unemployment, and wages by industry. These reports are also sometimes referred to as County Profiles.