Expand in North Carolina

Harnessing your businesses’ potential is easier with someone who knows the ropes.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business by adding another location, finding a bigger one to accommodate more employees or tapping into new sales and delivery channels, we can help. The state of North Carolina offers a wide variety of personalized tools and services, in partnership with EDPNC, to support your growth goals. In fact, the Business Services team works with hundreds of business across the state each year.

Get Started

The state’s team of regional industry managers is ready to help your business expand. These business professionals:

  • Act as business liaisons and advisers
  • Share resources and provide counseling
  • Make monthly onsite visits
  • Provide ongoing support


The state’s regional industry managers are available to help companies identify barriers to growth and find the best ways to remove them. These services include:

Business Expansion Support

Coordination of resources from NC Commerce and other state departments, such as Transportation and Environmental Quality 

Export Assistance & International Trade

Access to local and international trade managers who can help you identify, enter and expand global markets

Workforce Recruitment & Customized Training

Navigation of the state’s comprehensive workforce development program via NCWorks, including the North Carolina Community College System

System Supply Chain Networks

Connections to an array of potential suppliers and local business partners

Market Research & Analysis

Access to data and interpretation regarding the economy, workforce markets, etc. for more informed decision making

Manufacturing & Process Improvement

Industry expertise from a variety of organizations to help with innovation, process improvements, technology and cost savings


Business success is all about connections. The State of North Carolina shares our connections and resources to help your business reach its growth potential. We can help in a variety of areas, including:


The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality can answer permitting questions and help your company reduce waste generation, water and energy so it can be more environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

Workforce development

NCWorks, our statewide system for employee development and training, boasts one of the most highly skilled workforces in the U.S. across a number of diverse industries, across all 100 counties in the state.


Multiple state agencies provide small- to mid-sized manufacturers programs that can help improve safety, streamline processes, retain jobs and grow your bottom line.


Whether it’s a startup or a well-established company, businesses often need access to funds to in order to expand—the loans and grants we offer can take your company to the next stage.

Transportation & Infrastructure

North Carolina continues to focus on strategically enhancing infrastructure across the state via the Department of Transportation to directly support economic growth, job creation and quality of life.

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