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The One North Carolina Small Business Program is comprised of two programs:

  • The SBIR/STTR Phase I Incentive Funds Program
  • The SBIR/STTR Phase I Matching Funds Program

As authorized by NC General Statute § 143B‑437.80 the SBIR/STTR Phase I Incentive Funds Program provides reimbursement to qualified NC businesses for a portion of the costs incurred in preparing and submitting Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) proposals to federal agencies. The goal of the Incentive Program is to increase the number, quality, company and technology diversity, and geographic breadth of NC applications for Federal SBIR and STTR Phase I awards.

As authorized by NC General Statute § 143B‑437.81 the SBIR/STTR Phase I Matching Funds Program awards matching funds to NC businesses who have received a federal SBIR or STTR award. The goals of the Matching Program are to help NC companies bridge the funding gap period between the final Phase I payment and the first Phase II payment in the Federal Program, and increase the intensity of the research conducted under Phase I, making NC small businesses more competitive in the competition for Phase II funds.

For additional information regarding solicitations, see Current Solicitation & Guidelines or Previous Solicitations & Awardees below.

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The FY 2023 solicitations ended on June 30, 2023. 

The FY 2024 solicitations should be available here in early November, 2023. When they are released, we will distribute a press release to media outlets across the state and also notify NC-based organizations that have an interest in SBIR/STTR awards (e.g., SBTDC, NC Biotech Center, universities, etc.). 

Check back at this site in early November.

For previous solicitations, see Previous Solicitations & Awardees.

For general eligibility requirements, please see:

If you have questions, please contact the OSTI staff.

Applications for the One North Carolina Small Business Program are managed through the CyberGrants Management System. To start a new application for the Program, access the CyberGrants Management System using the links that will appear below. 

Currently, new applications are not being accepted. Applications will be available after current solicitations (for Fiscal Year 2024) have been released.

If you have questions regarding the programs overall or eligibility, please review the current solicitations (likely available in early November, 2023) or contact the OSTI staff.

Reports and Applications for the One North Carolina Small Business Program are managed through the CyberGrants Management System.

To submit reports or a survey, or to edit an already active application for the Program, access the CyberGrants Management System using the links below:

If you are ready to request a Stage 2 payment disbursement, contact the staff of the Board of Science, Technology & Innovation.

Program Impacts

A detailed analysis of the One NC Small Business Matching Funds Program impacts is conducted every two years. The most recent evaluation found that, since its inception in 2006, the program has helped enable:

  • the creation and retention of more than 1,200 private sector jobs statewide – more to come as more companies benefit and grow.
  • more than 400 small businesses bring to market biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical technologies, computer software, military/defense technologies, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other high-tech applications.
  • more than 70 percent of the small businesses to remain in operation.
  • the small businesses to attract more than $8 billion in external investment.
  • 60 percent of NC matching grant winners to win Phase II federal grant awards, each with a considerably larger average value of $1 million (nationally, 54 percent of Phase I award winners graduate to Phase II awards).
  • the small businesses to produce more than $125 million in total first-year sales resulting directly from the technology developed with Program funding.
  • significant technology/business-development partnerships among NC universities & businesses.

For a printable two-page summary of the strong impacts of the One NC Small Business Program since its inception in 2006, see:


Success Stories

  • Applied LifeSciences & Systems (Raleigh) - Biosystems Company Builds Technology That Reduces Business Costs & Improves Animal Welfare
  • Baebies (Durham) - Innovating a Healthy Start for Babies and a Diagnostic Company
  • Bennett Aerospace (Cary) - Smart Engineering Creates New Products & A Successful Company
  • Corvid Technologies (Mooresville) - One North Carolina Small Business Program Supports Engineering Firm's Overwhelming Growth
  • Precision BioSciences (Durham) - Cutting-Edge Leadership in a New Technology Can Cut Both Ways
  • Prevention Strategies (Greensboro) - Preventing Bad Behavior Alone Doesn't Lead to Business Success
  • Ribometrix (Durham) - Innovative Treatment Strategy for Human Disease Shapes a Successful Biotech Company
  • United Protective Technologies (Locust) - Thin Coatings Protect Military Investments and Facilitate Small Business Growth
  • Vigilant CyberSystems (Mt. Airy) - Surviving Threats in Cyberspace and The Tough World of Business

Since its inception in 2006, the program has awarded Phase I SBIR/STTR Matching grants to 341 small businesses throughout the state. Those businesses are listed below; links to their websites are provided when available. Additional detail regarding awardee small businesses is available at Previous Solicitations & Awardees.

0 Base Design, LLC
3-C Institute for Social Development, Inc.

3TEX, Inc.
410 Medical Inc.
4pi Analysis, Inc.
A-B-Sea Research, Inc.
Accunovo Biotechnologies, Inc.
Adamas Nanotechnologies, Inc.
Adroit Materials, Inc.
Advanced Digital Systems, Inc.
Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Corporation
Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.
Advanced Materials Manufacturing
Advanced TeleCare, LLC
Affinergy, Inc.
Affinergy, LLC
Agile Sciences, Inc.
AI Tracking Solutions, LLC
AimMax Therapeutics, Inc.
Air Control Techniques, P.C.
Airilabs Inc.
Akoustis, Inc.
Alderon Biosciences, Inc. 
Alditri Technologies, Inc.
Algaen Corporation 
Allotropica Technologies, Inc.
Altis Biosystems, Inc.
Altometrics, Inc.
Ambient Logic, LLC
Amissa, Inc.
AP Solutions, Inc.
Appealing Products, Inc.
Applied LifeSciences & Systems, LLC
Applied Quantum Technologies, Inc.
Applied Science International, LLC
Arcato Laboratories, Inc.
archAIc, LLC
Arctic, Inc.
ArrayXpress, Inc.
Arrevus, Inc.
Artiam Bio, Inc.
Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc.
Assist Equipment Development, Inc.
Atom Bioworks, Inc.
Auger Communications, Inc.
AURA Technologies, LLC
Avolynt, Inc.
AxNano, LLC
b3 bio, Inc.
Baebies, Inc.
Bear Fiber, Inc.
Bedrock Therapeutics, Inc.
Benanova, Inc.
Bennett Aerospace, Inc.
Biofluidica, Inc.
Biographics, Inc.
BioKier, Inc.
BioLink Life Sciences, Inc. 
BioMarck Pharmaceutical, Ltd.
BioMedomics, Inc.
BioMojo, LLC
Bioptigen, Inc.
Black Velvet Solar, Inc.
Blue Force Technologies Inc.
Blue Ridge Research and Consulting, LLC
BotaniPharm, LLC
Boundless Science, LLC
Brighton Development, LLC
Broad Digital, LLC
Camras Vision, Inc.
Capture Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Carolina Unmanned Vehicles, Inc.
CD Neural Technologies, Inc.
Cell Microsystems, Inc.
Celldom, Inc.
Cellf BIO, LLC
Chaperone Therapeutics, Inc.
Cirque Productions, LLC
CivaTech Oncology, Inc.
Clairvoyant Technology, LLC
Claradele Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Clinical Sensors, Inc.
Clinical Tools, Inc.
Cloud Solutions, LLC
Cognosci, Inc.
Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ColoWrap, LLC
Construkts, Inc.
Coprata, Inc.
Corvid Technologies, LLC
CP Diagnositics, Inc.
Creative Bioreactor Designs, Inc.
Creative Scientist, Inc.
CryoFacets, Inc. 
CTW Development Company, LLC
Curl Bio, LLC
Cytex Therapeutics, Inc.
Deep Creek Pharma, LLC
Dignify Therapeutics, LLC
Dot Metrics Technologies, Inc.
Drakeford, Scott, & Associates, LLC
Drive Therapeutics, LLC
Edison Agrosciences, Inc.
Element Genomics, Inc.
EncepHeal Therapeutics, Inc.
Endacea, Inc.
EnergyXchain, LLC
Enformia, Inc.
Eno River Labs, LLC
Eno River Technologies Co., LLC
Entertainment Science & Virtual Heroes Joint Venture, Inc.
Enzerna Biosciences, LLC
EpiCypher, Inc. 
Epigenos Biosciences, Inc.
Eppin Pharma, Inc.
Ercole Biotech, Inc.
EydisBio Inc.
Eyedesis Biosciences, LLC
Falcon Therapeutics, Inc.
Firebird Advanced Materials, Inc.
Foard Systems Design, Inc. 
Fokuslabs Behavioral Solutions, Inc.
Forthright Engineering, PLLC
G-Zero Therapeutics, Inc.
Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc.
GEM Tox Consultants and Labs, Inc.
Geometric Data Analytics, Inc.
Gigabeam Acquisition Corporation
Glycan Therapeutics Corporation
Goldfinch Sensor Technologies and Analytics, LLC
Gradient Medical
GrassRoots Biotechnology, Inc.
GreatWall Systems, Inc.
GreenLifeTech Corporation
GridBridge, Inc.
GTCAllison, LLC
Haw River Mushrooms, LLC
Health Outcomes, Inc. 
HealthSpan Diagnostics, LLC
HepatoSys, Inc.
Horizon Performance, LLC
Humacyte, Inc.
Identizyme Defense Technologies, Inc.
Impulse Wellness, LLC
Impulsonic, Inc.
Inanovate, Inc.
Independent Living Resources, Inc.
Indexus Biomedical, LLC
IngateyGen, LLC
Initos Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Innatrix, Inc.
InnAVasc Medical, Inc.
InnerOptic Technology, Inc.
InnovaTech, Inc.
Innovation Research and Training, Inc.
Insect Diet and Rearing Research, LLC
Insightfinder Inc.
InsituTec, Inc.
inSoma Bio, Inc.
Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc.
Integrated Oncology Solutions, Inc.
Intelli-Products, Inc.
International Association of Virtual Organizations, Inc.
Interventional Analgesix, Inc.
Isolere Bio, Inc.
Keona Health, Inc.
Kepley Biosystems, Inc.
KeraNetics, LLC
Kyma Technologies, Inc.
LaamScience, Inc.
Laser Biopsy, Inc.
LifeSciTech, LLC
Liquidia Technologies, Inc.
Lumedica, Inc.
Lupine Materials and Technology, Inc.
MAA Laboratories, Inc.
ManningRF, LLC
Materials Innovation Technologies, LLC
Maverick BioFuels, Inc.
Mercury Science, Inc.
Metalytics, LLC
METIS Health Analytics, LLC
MicroElastic Ultrasound Systems, Inc.
Microgrid Labs, Inc.
Microphase Coatings, Inc.
Mimetics, LLC
Minerva Lithium LLC
Morphormics, Inc.
MoveableCode, Inc.
MRI Cardiac Services, Inc.
MRPath, Inc.
Mucommune, LLC
Multi3D, LLC
Murano Corporation
MuukLabs, Inc.
Mycosynthetix, Inc.
Nanodiagnostic Technology, LLC
Nanolytics, Inc.
NanoTechLabs, Inc.
NanoVector, Inc.
NCO Technologies, LLC
Nekton Research, LLC
Neuro10-9 Pharma, Inc.
New Jersey Microsystems, Inc.
NIRvana Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NIRvana Sciences, Inc.
Nitronex Corporation
Nocturnal Product Development, LLC
Novan, Inc.
NovaTarg, Inc.
Nuvotronics, Inc.
Oncoscope, Inc.
OncoTAb, Inc.
Oncotrap, Inc.
Oncurie, Inc.
Onda Vision Technologies, Inc.
OpSource, Inc.
Optera LLP
Optopo, Inc.
Optosonics, Inc.
Orbit Energy, Inc.
Oxford Defense North Carolina, LLC
Parion Sciences, Inc.
Path BioAnalytics, Inc.
People Designs, Inc.
Perfusio Corp.
Perotech Inc.
Perotech, Inc.
Phase Bioscience, Inc.
Phase, Inc.
Phaxtec, Inc.
PhotoCide Protection, Inc.
PhotonTech, LLC
Physcient, Inc.
Piedmont Biofuels Industrial, Inc.
Plakous Therapeutics, Inc.
Plasma Games, Inc. (formerly Athena's Compass)
Plureon Corporation
Polarean, Inc.
Polyglot Systems, Inc.
Praetego, Inc.
Precision BioSciences, Inc.
Precision Human Biolaboratory Inc./Ridge Diagnostics
Predictive, LLC
Premitec, Inc.
Prevention Strategies, LLC
PrimeNeuro, Inc.
Protochips, Inc.
Proventys, Inc.
Proximal, LLC
Pulvinar Neuro, LLC
Puratec, LLC
Qatch Technologies, LLC
Qualiber, Inc.
Quantworks, Inc.
QuarTek Corporation
Ramona Optics, Inc.
Redbud Labs, Inc.
Religent, Inc.
Rescindo Therapeutics, Inc.
Reselute, Inc.
Reveris Therapeutics, LLC
Ribometrix, Inc.
Rivis, Inc.
Roundtable Analytics, Inc.
rPath, Inc.
Science Learning Resources, Inc.
SciKon Innovation, Inc.
ScitoVation, LLC
Scribner Associates, Inc.
SeaTox Research, Inc.
Secmation, LLC
Selsym Biotech, Inc.
Semprius, Inc.
Signal Innovations Group, Inc.
Sindre Metals, Inc.
SinnovaTek, Inc.
Sirga Advanced Biopharma, Inc.
Smart Girls HQ, LLC
Solitronics, LLC
SonoVol, Inc.
Southeast TechInventures, Inc.
SoyMeds, Inc.
Stovall Life Science, Inc.
STRAD Corporation
Studio Hagler, LLC
Sun Dance Genetics, LLC
SureMilk, LLC
Susteon, Inc.
Symberix, Inc.
Technical Designs, Inc.
TeleSage Research, Inc.
TeleSwivel, LLC
Tellus Therapeutics
Tensive Controls, Inc.
The Sandbox Learning Company, Inc.
Theia Imaging
TheraLogics, Inc.
ThinkZone, LLC
Third Floor Materials, Inc.
Treadwell Corporation
Triad Interactive Media, Inc.
Triad Semiconductor, Inc.
Triangle BioSystems, Inc.
Triangle Biotechnology, Inc.
Triangle Environmental Health Initiative
Triangle Polymer Technologies, Inc.
TriboFilm Research, Inc.
United Protective Technologies, LLC
Upstream Biotechnology, LLC
Vadum, Inc.
Valencell, Inc.
Vascular Biosciences, Inc.
Vascular Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
VeritasCNC, Inc.
Versametrics, LLC
Vesta Therapeutics, Inc.
Video Collaboratory, LLC
Vidterra, LLC
Vigilant Cyber Systems, Inc.
Virtual Reality Aids, Inc.
Vizma Life Sciences
Vortant Technologies, LLC
Voxel Innovations, Inc.
Wasatch Photonics, Inc.
Wave Computation Technologies, Inc.
Windlift, LLC
WISER Systems, Inc.
X-In8 Biologicals Corporation
Xintek, Inc.
ZellComp, Inc.
Zen-Bio, Inc.
Zenalux Biomedical, Inc.
Zumatek, Inc.
Zymeron Corporation

The One North Carolina Small Business Program helps small businesses develop and commercialize innovative technologies to benefit the general population. In the process, it helps high-tech businesses attract more funding to the state―keeping home-grown technologies in North Carolina and creating more well-paying jobs.

Previous solicitations and listings of awardees under the Matching Funds program are available for download in the table below.

Fiscal Year Solicitation Award # Award $ Awardees
FY 2023 Solicitation Pending Pending Pending
FY 2022 Solicitation 67 $4,660,090 Awardees
FY 2021 Solicitation 29 $1,500,000 Awardees
FY 2020
Not Funded
 N/A N/A N/A N/A
FY 2019 Solicitation 25 $1,201,990 Awardees
FY 2018
Not Funded
 N/A N/A N/A N/A
FY 2017 Solicitation 62 $3,686,680 Awardees
FY 2016 Solicitation 40 $1,954,004 Awardees
FY 2015 Solicitation 51 $2,500,000 Awardees
FY 12-14
Not Funded
 N/A  N/A N/A N/A
FY 2011 Solicitation 44 $1,311,513 Awardees
FY 2010 Solicitation 22 $1,018,940 Awardees
FY 2009 Solicitation 54 $3,968,589 Awardees
FY 2008 Solicitation 49 $4,675,952 Awardees
FY 2007 Solicitation 51 $4,553,918 Awardees
FY 2006 Solicitation 25 $1,111,817 Awardees
Total   519 $32,596,162 Awardees

Previous solicitations for the One NC Small Business Incentive Funds Program can be found below:

The Board of Science, Technology & Innovation provides annual reports on the One North Carolina Small Business Program to the North Carolina General Assembly, as required by North Carolina General Statute § 143B‑437.83.

Copies of these reports are publicly available through the links below: