NCWorks Commission Meeting

1629 Hickory Point Road Aurora NC 27806

The NCWorks Commission recommends policies and strategies that enable the state’s workforce and businesses to compete in the global economy. The Commission meets four times per year to discuss activity and initiatives across the state. These meetings are open to the public. 

This meeting will be held in-person, but the public can also watch and listen to the meeting virtually through a live event on Microsoft Teams. To attend, click on this attendee link at, or shortly before, 1 p.m. on Nov. 9, 2022. You should then see a Microsoft webpage, giving you three options:

  1. Download the Microsoft Teams app (which is free) to watch;

  2. Watch directly on the web; or

  3. If you already have Microsoft Teams, launch the app.

After you select your option, the live event will open and you will be placed in a virtual “waiting room.” Once the meeting begins, all the public attendees will be moved to the live event, and will be muted.