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NCTowers*, the North Carolina Taskforce for Offshore Wind Economic Resource Strategies, provides expert advice to Governor Cooper and state policymakers on ways to advance offshore wind energy projects in North Carolina, with a special focus on economic development and job creation.

The Taskforce works to:

  • Identify economic and workforce opportunities and challenges presented by the offshore wind industry
  • Recommend policies and programs to capture strategic opportunities that foster a thriving offshore wind workforce and business community
  • Provide advice for developing the state’s offshore wind supply chain, workforce, and infrastructure
  • Foster and support environmental justice and equitable access to opportunities for underserved communities
  • Recommend policies and guidelines that prioritize offshore wind energy projects

Governor Cooper established the Taskforce in June 2021 with his Executive Order 218, Advancing North Carolina's Economic and Clean Energy Future with Offshore Wind.


Taskforce Members

Biographies of the Taskforce's members are also available.

Marqueta Welton, Taskforce Chair Chief of Staff, N.C. Department of Commerce
Jen Banks Permitting & Development Director (NC), TotalEnergies
Ben Cahoon Mayor, Nags Head, NC
Christopher Chung Chief Executive Officer, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina
Brian Clark Executive Director, North Carolina Ports 
Phyliss Craig-Taylor Professor of Law, NCCU School of Law
Kevin Dick President & CEO, Carolina Small Business Development Fund
Hayes Framme Senior Manager Government Relations & Communications, Orsted
Walter Gaskin Secretary, N.C. Department of Military & Veterans Affairs
David Goss Economic Development Consultant, Perquimans County
Daniel Govoni Policy Analyst, N.C. Department of Environmental Quality
Susi Hamilton Economic Development Advisor, N.C. Department of Transportation
Perry Harker Vice President, Corporate and Community Education, Carteret Community College
Arketa Howard Mid-Atlantic Regional Director Business & Policy Affairs for Offshore Wind, Crowley
Stephen Kalland Executive Director, N.C. State Clean Energy Technology Center
David Kelly N.C. Office Director, Environmental Defense Fund
Karly Lohan Communication and Outreach Associate, Southeastern Wind Coalition
Mark McIntire Director, Government Affairs, Energy & Stakeholder Engagement, Duke Energy
Ashley K. McLeod Stakeholder Engagement Director, Avangrid Renewables-Kitty Hawk Offshore
Trish Murphey Executive Assistant for Councils, N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries
Bob Peele Director, N.C. Marine Industrial Park Authority
Michele Querry Southeast Regional Director, Chamber for Innovation and Clean Energy
Greg Richardson  Executive Director, N.C. Commission of Indian Affairs, N.C. Department of Administration
Dan Segovia Business Manager, Ironworkers Local 848
Jason Semple Director of Business Development, Brunswick Business & Industry Development
Glenn Skinner Executive Director, North Carolina Fisheries Association
Justin Sosne Head of the UK Government’s North Carolina Office
John Szoka CEO, Conservative Energy Network
Norris Tolson CEO and President, Carolinas Gateway Partnership
Wit Tuttell Director, Visit North Carolina, EDPNC
Alvin Warwick Business Manager, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
John White Chief N.C. Lobbyist Manager - N.C. State & Local Affairs, Dominion Energy

Taskforce Staff

Select members of the N.C. Commerce staff support the Taskforce's work. 

  • Jennifer Mundt, N.C. Dept. of Commerce, Assistant Secretary, Clean Energy Development
  • John Hardin, N.C. Dept. of Commerce, Executive Director, Office of Science, Technology & Innovation
  • Emily Roach, N.C. Department of Commerce, Director of Policy & Strategic Planning
  • Lex Janes, N.C. Dept. of Commerce, Legislative Affairs Director
  • Susan Fleetwood, N.C. Dept. of Commerce, Executive Director of Economic Development
  • Gena Renfrow, N.C. Dept. of Commerce, Special Assistant, Office of the Secretary
  • Dr. Jenni Harris, N.C. Dept. of Commerce, Executive Director, Business Solutions
  • Andrea DeSantis, Office of Governor Roy Cooper, Policy Advisor
  • Dana Magliola, N.C. Dept. of Transportation, Program Manager, Freight & Logistics
  • Anders Victor, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, Senior Business Development Manager

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