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N.C. Commerce Milestones 2023


New Jobs Announced

Compared to 26,620 jobs announced at this same time last year. Overall in 2022, 28,690 jobs were announced, a new record high for economic development projects in the state.


New Investment Announced

From economic development projects in North Carolina, compared to 18.5 billion at this time last year. In 2022, investments of $19.3 Billion were announced.


Rural Development Grants Awarded to Communities

Upgrading public infrastructure to support economic growth. This figure is a year-end total for 2022. $28.4 Million was awarded to communities in 2021.

Regional Contacts by Prosperity Zone

Click on a county or zone on the map above to find a subject matter expert in your area.  Current demographic reports for all 100 counties in North Carolina are also available.