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On-the-Job Training provides North Carolina a means to expand and enhance workforce service delivery to the State’s citizens. OJT is a viable pathway for unemployed workers seeking employment and for employers seeking workers. It offers the unique opportunity to offset initial training costs to fill skilled positions while building organizational productivity as the employee learns job requirements. An OJT arrangement can be the impetus for an employer to create a job opportunity.  

Through OJT, a wage reimbursement incentive may be provided to a business to help offset the cost of training a new employee with limited skills. Wage reimbursement ranges from 50 to 75 percent, depending upon the size of the business, with the higher percentage for businesses with up to 250 employees.

OJT contracts are limited to the time required for the employee to become proficient in his/her job, not to exceed six months. Prior to hire, an individualized training plan is developed with the employer that will allow the new employee to gain the required competencies.

For more information, contact a Workforce Development Board Business Services Representative in your area or DWS Business Services at (800) 562-6333 or email: