NOTE: We can provide Rapid Response services in person or virtually, by phone, video-conference and/or email. Please visit to find contact information for local NCWorks Career Centers. Please visit the Division of Employment Security for Unemployment Insurance information. 

Rapid Response is an early intervention program that helps employers and workers facing layoffs, closures, and other sensitive business actions.

How Rapid Response Works

After a business files a WARN notice with the state, a Rapid Response team is deployed to help that company and the affected employees. Some of the reasons companies may file a WARN notice include the following:

  • Downsizing/restructuring
  • Federal action impacting defense, timber or fishing industries
  • Natural disasters
  • Plant relocations
  • Bankruptcy

A Rapid Response team will be deployed within 48 hours of the WARN notice being filed. The team will assess the situation and work with company officials to plan the most appropriate response. Rapid Response teams provide the following services to businesses:

  • Developing a transitional plan of action best suited to the workers of the affected business.
  • Distributing information on public services for job seekers.
  • Developing a plan to access funds and services for workers, including Trade Adjustment Assistance and Pell grants.
  • Reducing worker absenteeism to achieve completion of production.
  • Sharing experiences from handling previous closures and layoff events.
  • Providing convenient on-site services to ease the transition for workers.
  • Offering specialized assistance, such as job fairs, financial planning workshops, and interest/aptitude assessments or other specialized services.

For More Information

For more information about the Rapid Response program, contact the N.C. Division of Workforce Solutions at: