Other Reports (Policymakers)

Find special reports produced by the Department of Commerce on a variety of topics, from overviews of specific industries to strategic plans for different programs, like Community Development Block Grants. We also post draft versions of reports and policies where we're seeking public comments before publishing final versions. Browse the entire library below, or use the search tools to filter your results.

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Report | 2023 NASCAR All-Star Race Economic Impact Analysis

This report, prepared by the Department's Labor & Economic Analysis Division (LEAD), provides an analysis of the positive economic impact of this event to the local economy around the North Wilkesboro Speedway and the state overall.

2023-NASCAR-All-Star-Race-impact-analysis_asPublished.pdf Program Performance, Miscellaneous, Building or Site Preparation
Annual Report | North Carolina Certified Sites Program

This document is the current annual report for the North Carolina Certified Sites Program.

Certified-Sites-AR-1-Pager_2023vF_asPublished.pdf Annual Report, Building or Site Preparation, Miscellaneous
Annual Report | North Carolina Economic Development Evaluation

This report addresses the state’s Comprehensive Strategic Economic Development Plan and offers an evaluation of the state's economic performance, particularly on key economic indicators as outlined by statute. We publish this report annually pursuant to G.S. 143B-434.01.

2023-FIT-Annual-Evaluation-Final_asPublished.pdf Annual Report, Miscellaneous
Annual Report | North Carolina Taskforce For Offshore Wind Economic Resource Strategies (NCTowers)

The Governor's Taskforce for offshore wind energy development produces an annual report to highlight its work and make recommendations to policymakers. This is the 2022-2023 edition of the annual report.

NCTOWERS-Annual-Report_01Aug2023_asPublished.pdf Annual Report, Miscellaneous
REGISTRATION FORM | 2023 Southeast U.S./Japan Conference - Tokyo

Prospective North Carolina delegates who wish to register for the 2023 edition of the Southeast U.S./Japan Conference can use this form to submit their information to the Department of Commerce.

North-Carolina-SEUS-Japan-2023-Registration-Form_062023.docx Application, Miscellaneous
Report | 2022 Employers Needs Survey

The 2022 edition of a regular report Commerce publishes which recaps the results of a survey of employers in North Carolina regarding their companies' current needs.

Memo | Cooperation on Offshore Wind Energy and Related Sectors Agreement with the Danish Energy Agency

This document is the Memorandum of Understanding between the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Danish Energy Agency, signed March 1, 2023.

MOU-North-Carolina-and-Denmark_final2023wSeals_asPublished.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Miscellaneous
Report | Climate Change Workforce Diversity

This report, offering recommendations to grow a diverse and talented workforce to address the impacts of climate change, is a product of the Climate Change Workforce Diversity Workgroup, creat

Climate-Change-Workforce-Diversity-Report_asPublished_December-2022.pdf Miscellaneous
Report | Military Economic Impact on North Carolina

This report details the economic impact of the military on North Carolina's economy.  The report was prepared by Commerce's Labor & Economic Analysis Division and Regional Economic Models,

Military-Economic-Impact-in-North-Carolina_asPublished_120722.pdf Miscellaneous, Strategic
Guidelines | Public Access and Participation Plan

This document is the Department of Commerce's Public Access and Participation Plan.

Public-Access-and-Participation-Plan_May2023_0.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Miscellaneous
Annual Report | Rural Economic Development Division

The 2022 Annual Report from the Department's Rural Economic Development Division describes fiscal year 2022 performance and outcomes for several North Carolina economic development programs that ch

REDD-2022-Annual-Report_asPublished_120122.pdf Program Performance, Annual Report, Downtowns (Main Street), State Funded (Rural Grants), Rural Development, CDBG, Appalachian Region (ARC)
Guidelines | North Carolina Offshore Wind Development Facts and Fundamental Values

This document states certain facts regarding the development of the offshore wind industry (OSW) as well as North Carolina's fundamental values regarding this development.

NC-Offshore-Wind-Development-Statement-of-Values_2022.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Miscellaneous
Guidelines | North Carolina CDBG Consolidated Plan 2021 2025

The North Carolina Consolidated Plan 2021-2025 for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which the state submits to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), serves two purposes:

First, it is the planning document that guides the North Carolina Consolidated Plan Partners in addressing housing and community development needs across the state for the next five years, using the allocated funds received from the HUD. Secondly, this plan serves as a tool to inform a variety of stakeholders — including HUD, state and local officials, non-profit and advocacy organizations, and the residents of North Carolina — of the need for improving the living conditions for our state’s very low, low, and moderate income populations.

NC-ConPlan_2021-2025-Final-Approved-9.2021_asPublished.pdf Consolidated Plan, Criteria or Guidelines, Federal Funded (e.g. CDBG or ARC), CDBG
Guidelines | North Carolina CDBG Analysis of Impediments (AI) 2021 2025

This is the 2021-2025 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing (AI) report, part of the 2021-2025 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Consolidated Plan.

NC-AI_2021-2025-Final_04.29.21-asPublished-web.pdf Analysis of Impediments (AI), CDBG, Criteria or Guidelines
Guidelines | Appalachian Regional Commisssion (ARC) Final Development Plan 2021-2024

This document presents the 2021-2024 Development Plan for the North Carolina Appalachian Regional Commisssion program.

Final-Development-Plan-merged.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Appalachian Region (ARC), Federal Funded (e.g. CDBG or ARC), Program
Appendix | North Carolina Strategic Plan Economic Overview 2020-2021

This report on the state's overall economy was published in conjunction with the First in Talent state strategic plan for economic development

NC-Economic-Overview_2020-21_asPublished.pdf Strategic, Miscellaneous
Guidelines | North Carolina Strategic Plan for Economic Development

This is North Carolina's Strategic Plan for Economic Development, known as the First in Talent plan and first published in July of 2021. 

NC-Strategic-EconomicDevelopment-Plan_2021_asPublished.pdf Strategic, Criteria or Guidelines, Miscellaneous
Report | Building North Carolina's Offshore Wind Supply Chain

This report examines North Carolina’s opportunity with the offshore wind (OSW) industry,  with a particular emphasis on the industry's supply chain needs and the state's position and potential

Report_North-Carolina-OSW-Supply-Chain-Assessment_BVGAssociates_asPublished-Mar3-2021.pdf Miscellaneous
Report | COVID-19 Impacts on N.C. Small Businesses 2020 Survey Results

This report shows results from a survey of North Carolina small businesses that were asked about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their company's operations.  The survey was conducted b

NC-Small-Business-Survey-Final-Report-with-Appendix-December-2020.pdf Downtowns (Main Street), Disaster Recovery, Miscellaneous
Criteria or Guidelines | Approval Letter from FEMA for Lost Wages Assistance Program

This document, a letter from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), approves the State of North Carolina's participation in the Lost Wages Assistance program, a program to provide suppleme

FEMA-Letter-Lost-Wages-Assist.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Disaster Recovery, Miscellaneous