Report | Clean Energy and Clean Transportation in North Carolina; A Workforce Assessment

This report offers an assessment of North Carolina's workforce with regard to clean energy and clean transportation.  Published in response to Governor Roy Cooper's Executive Order 80 (EO-80),  N.C. Commerce developed this report to inform a broad initiative to transform the state's energy economy.

To produce this report, the Department of Commerce:

•    Identified the state's existing talent pool and future workforce demand
•    Assessed employers’ current and future workforce skills and training needs
•    Compiled educational program offerings, enrollment trends, and work-based learning opportunities
•    Identified gaps and areas for improvement to meet current and future workforce demand
•    Recommended actions to help North Carolinians develop the required skills and education

We conducted an open process throughout the assessment, including consulting with organizations in energy and transportation sectors to identify specific industries and employers; we consulted with identified employers regarding current and future skill needs as well as challenges; we talked with public and private education institutions regarding program offerings, enrollment trends, and work-based learning opportunities; and we held an open comment period to seek input from the public. 

For more information about this report, contact Dr. John Hardin, Executive Director of our Office of Science, Technology & Innovation at (919) 814-4639 or email him.  There's also more information about the broader program online at the Department of Environmental Quality's website, including a timeline for this work.