NCWorks Career Center Certification Training Requirements 

(effective November 2018)

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As part of NCWorks Career Center Certification, all center staff must successfully complete required training. The approved options that local workforce directors and center management may choose from to meet the requirements are listed below. When multiple options are given within a category, directors and center managers have the flexibility to choose which training option they feel will be most beneficial for each staff person.

If staff have completed any of the trainings after January 2016, then they do not have to take it again. Completions for all courses taken through the NCWorks Training Center will appear under "My Training Record" on the Training Registration and Information Network (TRAIN) at
When new training choices are available they will be listed on this page, so check back periodically for the most current list.
All courses can be accessed on TRAIN -

NCWorks Career Center Certification Training Requirements

Training Requirements 1 – 3 must have occurred after January 2016.  


1.  NCWorks Career Center Code of Conduct

2.  Labor Market Information  

             (Updated Feb 2023)

  • Part 1 - LMI Series: Getting to Know the Labor Force

  • Part 2 - LMI Series: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

  • Part 3 - LMI Series: Accessing LMI

3.  Career Advisor Tips  

Complete 3 of the 6 online trainings or HAVE COMPLETED FCD (Facilitated Career Development Training) after January 2016

  • Compassion Fatigue - The Cost of Caring 

  • Managing Stress: Taking Care of You 

  • Top 5 Time Management Skills

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder - Hosting Virtual Meetings 

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder - Participating in Virtual Meetings 

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder - Virtually

As a solid foundation for career advising skills, 25% of the career center staff at each center must have completed, or be enrolled in, the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) course. Staff who have completed the FCD coursework after January 2016 are waived from the requirement to attend additional Career Advising online trainings listed above in #3. 

Training Requirements 4 – 6 listed in this section must be completed by all staff within the first year after your local area is certified.

4.  Customer Service 

  • NCWorks Service Keys - Unlocking a New Level of Service 

5.  Disability Awareness

  • Part 1 - Serving Customers with Disabilities 

  • Part 2 - Serving Customers with Disabilities

6.  NCWorks Career Pathways

  • Part 1 - The Foundation for Career Advising 

  • Part 2 - Benefits of Certified Career Pathways 

  • Part 3 - The Connection to the FCD Competencies 

  • Part 4 - Using Pathways in Goal Setting