Grants Management Documents

Our Department administers a wide range of grant and economic development incentive programs. If you're managing a grant that we've previously awarded, or you're interested in applying for one of our grant programs, you'll find a variety of helpful documents in this section.

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Guidelines | NC SBIR STTR Phase I Incentive Funds Program

These are the current Guidelines for the One North Carolina Small Business Program, SBIR/STTR Phase I Incentive Funds Program. Guidelines are more general and overarching than specific annual solicitations. Additional information on the Program can be found on the Program's webpage

Guidelines for NC SBIR-STTR Phase I Incentive Funds Program - Amended 2021.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Pre-Application, Small Business (Technology)
Criteria | Job Maintenance & Capital Development Fund (JMAC)

Criteria for the Job Maintenance & Capital Development Fund (JMAC). The program seeks to stimulate economic activity by maintaining significant numbers of high-paying, high-quality jobs.

JMAC-Criteria_asRevised_September-2022.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, JMAC
Guidelines | Project Descriptions from Round 1, Rural Transformation Grants

A list of projects previously awarded a North Carolina Rural Transformation Grant, which can provide helpful guidance as you prepare to submit grant applications for potential projects in your area.

Rural-Transform-Grants-Round-One_Project-Descriptions.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Rural Development
Compliance | Rural Transformation Grant Monitoring Checklist

This checklist will be used by Commerce staff to monitor your compliance to the grant requirements, and also serves as a helpful guide for local grant administrators

Rural-Transform-Grant_Monitoring-Checklist.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Rural Development, Program Funding Source
Pre-Application | Sample Local Government Resolution for Rural Transformation Grants

This sample resolution can be adopted by local governments to affirm their intent to apply for a Rural Transformation Grant from the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

Rural-Transform-Grant_Sample-Local-Government-Resolution.pdf Pre-Application, Criteria or Guidelines, Rural Development
Guidelines | Rural Transformation Grant Program

This document provides guidelines for the North Carolina Rural Transformation Grant Program, adminstered by the North Carolina Department of Commerce's Rural Economic Development Division.

For further information about this grant program, contact:

Hazel Edmond
Rural Engagement & Investment Program Director

Rural-Transform-Grants_Program-Guidelines_08.26.22.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Rural Development, Federal Funded (e.g. CDBG or ARC), Miscellaneous
Pre-Application | CDBG Notice of Funding Availability, Neighborhood Revitalization

This document is the formal notice of available funding from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and its Neighborhood Revitalization program.

2022-CDBG-NR-NOFA_080122_0.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Pre-Application, Federal Funded (e.g. CDBG or ARC), CDBG, Other Grants
Application | CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Program with Guidelines

Use this application document to apply for grant funding from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Neighborhood Revitalization program.

2022-CDBG-NR-Guidelines_Application_080122.docx Criteria or Guidelines, Application, Federal Funded (e.g. CDBG or ARC), CDBG, Other Grants
Guidelines | North Carolina Esports Industry Grant

This document contains the current guidelines for North Carolina's Esports Industry Grant.  More information about the program is available from SportsNC, the state's sports venue promotion unit.

eSportsEventsGrant_Guidelines_asPublished_061622.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Miscellaneous, Other Grants
Guidelines | Acronyms and CEDA Section Map for JDIG

Definitions for common acronyms associated with the JDIG program and a chart to help you navigate your Community Economic Development Agreement (CEDA)

Acronyms-and-CEDA-Section-Map_2021-asPublished.pdf Compliance, JDIG, Criteria or Guidelines
Compliance | SAMPLE Asset Listing for JDIG

This is an example of the Asset Listing document you may need to include in your GAR filing.

JDIG-Asset-listing-SAMPLE.pdf Compliance, JDIG
Guidelines | CitrixShareFile Security Settings for Commerce Clients

This document outlines the security of the North Carolina Department of Revenue's Citrix Sharefile site. This is the site you'll use to upload the JDIG Grantee Annual Report.

CitrixShareFile-SecuritySettings-Commerce-Clients.pdf Compliance, JDIG
Guidelines | Remote Worker Guidelines for JDIG

Guidelines for how remote workers are treated under terms of a Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG).

JDIG-Remote-Worker-Guidelines.pdf Compliance, JDIG
Guidelines | Remote Workers FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the treatment of remote workers for purposes of a Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG)

Remote-Workers-FAQs.pdf Compliance, JDIG
Guidelines | Default Policy for Grants

Information on how the state treats grantees in default of their grant agreements.

Default-Policy.pdf Compliance, JDIG
Guidelines | North Carolina CDBG Analysis of Impediments (AI) 2021 2025

This is the 2021-2025 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing (AI) report, part of the 2021-2025 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Consolidated Plan.

NC-AI_2021-2025-Final_04.29.21-asPublished-web.pdf Analysis of Impediments (AI), CDBG, Criteria or Guidelines
Guidelines | North Carolina CDBG Consolidated Plan 2021 2025

The North Carolina Consolidated Plan 2021-2025 for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which the state submits to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), serves two purposes:

First, it is the planning document that guides the North Carolina Consolidated Plan Partners in addressing housing and community development needs across the state for the next five years, using the allocated funds received from the HUD. Secondly, this plan serves as a tool to inform a variety of stakeholders — including HUD, state and local officials, non-profit and advocacy organizations, and the residents of North Carolina — of the need for improving the living conditions for our state’s very low, low, and moderate income populations.

NC-ConPlan_2021-2025-Final-Approved-9.2021_asPublished.pdf Consolidated Plan, Criteria or Guidelines, Federal Funded (e.g. CDBG or ARC), CDBG
Application | Motorsports Relief Fund

This document serves as the application form for local governments to request a grant from the North Carolina Motorsports Relief Fund. 

Motorsport-Relief-Fund-Application_asPublished.xlsx Application, Miscellaneous, Disaster Recovery
Criteria | Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG)

This document outlines the program criteria for North Carolina's Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG), a performance-based economic development incentive program.

JDIG-Criteria-Effective-1.26.2022.pdf JDIG
Guidelines | North Carolina Film and Entertainment Grant

This document contains the current guidelines for North Carolina's Film and Entertainment Grant.  More information about the program is available from the N.C. Film Office.

NCFilmGrantGuidelines_Rev121721.pdf Criteria or Guidelines, Miscellaneous, Other Grants